Fil Sibley of FSP Media is, in every true sense of the word, a true Artist!
As a plastic surgeon client, and a co-producer of a number of patient documentation videos for my "Plastic Surgery in Motion" website, I have grown to appreciate FIL's craftsmanship both in and outside his video recording studio. His masterly ability in working with professional actors and/or ordinary folks had always been a delight to me on numerous 
occasions. Needless to say, all the videos he made for me were superb!
I will not hesitate to recommend FIL for any video projects, large or small.
FIL Sibley delivers!    Dr. John Eng  9-15-2015

FIl is a very talented and professional videographer who has many years of experience producing and directing a variety of video assignments. He took my unfinished project with many hours of raw video and turned it into finished video art that brought much pleasure to me and many of my friends."
-Sharon Bernstein Peyton, co-producer for "The Bluesette" documentary

"Fil did an amazing job putting the pictures I collected to music. Not only did he tell a story, he also helped make my sister's 40th birthday very special. Fil was able to listen, provide helpful advice, and make the customer feel valued. I would definitely recommend him to anyone."
-Cheri Mamarosh

"Dear Fil,
Thanks so much for the video. Many, many people appeared to enjoy it and commented favorably. Even the funeral director was impressed. Thanks again for creating such a memorable tribute."
-Kathy & Patty O'Brien

"I am in tears, I just finished watching it. It is so beautiful, it's a masterpiece created by you, and I thank you so much for capturing that moment. It's beyond my wildest dreams what you created and it's just so wonderful and I'm so grateful that you were the one who videotaped and I love the Ave Maria also."
-Mary Darling

“Fil and Talia at FSP Media were a pleasure to work with and totally professional. We went through the inevitable revisions and editing process, with each version being better based on both our suggested changes and their creative solutions. Because we filmed one of our ‘actors’ from out of town at a different time from the others, there were some hurdles in integrating the two different segments, but Talia and Fil made the process happen. We expect to work with them again on future projects.”
-Charles Stahler, Vegetarian Resource Group

"The WIZ Racing Team/Family has been priviledged to work with Fil and FSP Media since 2003. We are always so pleased with the finished product that he is able to produce from hours of footage. I continually share with Fil that he has given us countless memories on film (many times capturing moments that I would have missed while driving the car) and priceless precious treasures that we will enjoy for generations to come. It has  been an honor and true blessing to have his professional work in our video library. GOD bless."
-Gee Wiz and the WIZ Racing Team

"I just watched all three boys "growing up" videos. These videos are my Bat/Bar Mitzvah gifts from me to my kids.  Although I spend hours carefully picking out the photos that depict meaning and moments in their lives, the way you put them all together with the music and themes is amazing. They are just precious (of course I can not even watch them without crying remembering the times and knowing how fast their childhoods went). 
I just wanted to thank you for these lifetime memories and adding your special touches to make each video so magnificent. I can't wait to see what you do with Jenny's!!!"
-Debbie Williams

"Recently FSP Media digitized my family's old slides, some of which were over 60 years old!  I sent the resulting jpegs of my high school graduation to one of my classmates who really enjoyed the photos, the digial versions made them feel like they were there again!  I also sent photos to my grandson who was amazed how well the restored photos turned out.  Thank you Fil!"
-Anne and George Vivino-Hintze

Wedding Testimonials

"Good stuff, Fil... We are all famous now.  We will enjoy this for years to come.  Thank you."
-Jack Callanan

"I don't think I will ever get tired of watching it!"
-Kathy Westlein

"FSP Media did a wonderful job! They are really easy to work with. We hardly knew Fil was there, which was particularly important to us during the ceremony. Initially we were on the fence about having a videographer, but we were really glad we used FSP, as they were able to capture important moments that were missed by our photographer. And several friends who were unable to make the trip to come to the wedding have really enjoyed being able to watch the  video. We highly recommend FSP"!
-Heather Mc Donald and Todd Carver

"I employed FSP Media for my daughter's wedding. Fil is very knowledgeable in his field and was wonderful in making suggestions to make each shot a special one. The finished product was ready in an expedient manner. Throughout the whole process Fil was very patient and accommodated all our requests. He met with my daughter and I to ensure the best results at this once-in-a-lifetime event. He had excellent ideas as to the staging, for this was an outdoor wedding. The video and still photos were of excellent quality. We were very pleased to have found FSP."
-Teresa Zack

"Fil Sibley created our son's beautiful wedding video. He elaborated on their special songs and some behind-the-scenes shots that we missed. Everytime we watch it, we see something new. Fil is very talented, the sound and lighting was great indoors and out. He interviews the bridal party and adds personal touches. Our son said he loved the DVD and his wife shows it to anyone who comes to the house. We will cherish this video forever."
-Liz and Kim Parrott

"My husband and I are so happy with our wedding photos and video.  We loved the huge selection of photos to choose from, and the video was very nicely edited.  They captured the whole event beautifully so we can look back and remember our special day.  It went so fast!  Fil and Talia were very professional, and we are recommending them to anyone looking for a wedding videographer and photographer."
-Grace Sweeney

"FSP Media was so wonderful to work with-- both in the preparation and during the event. The DVD came out great! It really told a story. A few month later now, we have shown it to so many friends and family. It's great for them to get to relive the magic. We highly recommend FSP Media!"
-Adam Parrott

"Fil Sibley created our son's beautiful wedding video. He elaborated on their special songs and some 
behind-the-scene shots that we had missed. Every time we watch it, we see something new. 

Fil is very talented, the sound and lighting was great indoors and out. He interviews the bridal party 
and adds personal touches. We will cherish this video forever!" 
-Liz and Kim Parrott

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